Abdallah Candies & Chocolates

With a population of 61,290, Burnsville has become a tight-knit community that is built on the foundations of integrity.

It is a community that is rapidly growing and has become an integral part of Minnesota. One of the key components to its growth has been the historical locations around town that have been around for generations such as Abdallah Candies.

For those looking to have a great time around town, Abdallah Candies does come to mind as a top-tier solution and here is why.

History of Abdallah Candies

It was in 1909 when a young man named Albert Abdallah felt it was time to set up a small shop near Hennepin Avenue. He felt it was the right place to open up a shop and illustrate to the area that he was among the best in the business at making candy.

He was able to find world-class ingredients, mix them together, and create delightful munchies for everyone. Over time, the business continued to grow as the community heard about what he was offering at the location. He was able to craft each recipe with attention to detail and earned a lot of praise for the work that was done.

When he got married to a woman named Helen Trovall, he continued to work on the store and its wide array of candies. He wanted to perfect the art of delivering quality and that is when his new recipes gained critical acclaim.

He was able to push through various hurdles that arose from time to time and still did well after a fire took down his business in 1965. It didn't matter because Abdallah Candies was built on the shoulders of perseverance.

Delicious Candies

With a unique collection of candies and chocolates, Abdallah Candies has grown in popularity and is a big part of Burnsville. It is one of those treasured locations that is a must-see option while looking to have a bit of fun while catering to your sweet tooth.

It has become a hub for having fun and is well-regarded as being a spot that can make one want to keep eating.

Along with Abdallah Candies, it's about walking around the area and just soaking in the experience. It is one of a kind and the reason most people prefer to visit this shop while in town.

Community Treasure

In Burnsville, Abdallah Candles has found a sweet spot that is impossible to ignore. It is well-regarded as being a top hotspot for quality candies/chocolates. Over the years, it has become a big part of the community and is heralded as being a local treasure.

This is what makes it appealing and visiting the location can be a boatload of fun. Being able to soak in the location, its vibe, and eat great candies at the same time is what makes it such a spectacular experience for people of all ages. This is one of the reasons Abdallah Candles has continued to grow and remain an entertaining presence in Burnsville.

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